A book about how I got rid off the severe anxiety that fucked me for 17 years.

I wrote down everything that helped me, and I believe can help anyone else as well.


Pictures taken during multiple short and long visits to Chernihiv, Ukraine during 2017-2018.


The "Time Window" series is my version of music - but in pictures. Sentimental vision of the world as a cinematic dream.

The attention shifts away from you and you become less, life becomes more as you surrender. Pain and happiness walk together, you fear because you love. Soldiers walked here, mothers cried here. Sacrifice is birth. Where you stand, a philosopher stood, a warrior stood. The bones crack under our feet as we walk through the gift of beauty and life.


Moments of full immersion are true, they happened and I have the proof. Reality exists, I have been here and I have seen things and I have been inside experiences. I don’t know if time moves on, or if new versions of us enter new scenes in a movie. If I rewind I will find myself still in the past. The future me sees me right now, just like I see the past mes – so cocky, thinking they’re on top of their game, so excited about things no longer new and exciting to me.


The few good moments from the start of the Search