Olympus OM-D 5 mk I

Olympus OM-D 5 mk II

Olympus 17mm 1,8f

Olympus 12-40mm 2,8f

Give me a full frame please, I need it more than you do. I only have sixteen centime, megapixels.

About me:

I am an alien send here to observe you fucking idiots.

My favorite color was blue.

My favorite food is salami.

My favorite music is metal.

My favorite bands are Tool, Shining, Triptykon and Strapping Young Lad

My favorite book is The Fountainhead

My favorite TV-show is the Fast Show

My favorite movies are The Rock and Terminator 2

My favorite drink is Vienna Lager

My favorite video game is Disco Elysium

My favorite singers are Devin Townsend and Niklas Kvarforth

My favorite type of porn is bdsm and cuckold

When I'm going to grow up I'm gonna return to the mother ship and leave you maggots to rot here

I'm better than this

I have to be

I saw through

My hand got through the veil

I saw with my hand, a monster

The mystery looks through us

We're not the protagonist here

The games we play are to pass time

The cycle turns, new flowers grow, sometimes with a new tint in their color


Give me the truth or fuck off