The sky is never just blue

It’s hostile blue or friendly blue

People are never just people, they are either against me or with me

Should I build a between?

Can the sky become neutral, can I not care about people

Would it be real, or would I lie to myself?

And what if it became true

Would it just a be a suicide of the intense mind?

Or a liberation?

I’m not afraid of losing my mind

I’m afraid of not feeling greatness

If the intensity, the greatness, is my undoing, so be it

To be crushed into nothingness by greatness

Instead of being slowly eaten away by mediocrity

Instead of existing without the fire and the path

Maybe the end of this sane and rational mind is the start of the next phase

Do I even want liberation?

What does it mean

I would prefer to not be dependent on calories

To not spend so much time in toilet

What if the sane and collective part of life is potty training for what’s coming?

I still make a mess sometimes when I pee

Is there a standard for me to reach to be accepted?

To become superhuman