Where to post my pictures?

Instagram has too small format, the pictures are laughably tiny. And it's a competition for likes, which makes it a painful experience, like being in school again and pretending to be something I'm not.

I also want to follow other artists, the good ones. Where are they? Some of them are on IG but since the pictures are so tiny, I can't really look at them for more than 2 seconds, besides I'm too busy there begging for attention for myself and for my work. I'd rather do the begging in a different place than where I want to admire other people's work.

After checking out different new platforms, I started Patreon, which unsurprisingly is not very busy with subscribers. I see not very many fellow street photographers on Patreon. I wish all of my favorite photographers would start their own Patreon sites, and I would then follow them and have a feed of beautiful pictures. I would gladly pay a dollar or two a month. Now it seems to me that it's mostly Youtubers and some sort of sexy cosplay ladies in Patreon.

I love Youtube and I hope there would be a similar place for still pictures. Maybe Patreon could be it? Maybe not, I don't know. Probably most people prefer video over still images, and I get it, most of the content I consume is video or audio. But I have my addiction to still images and I want to have a feed of them to consume, I just cannot find a place to have it. I used to have Tumblr but they banned erotic pictures, which is silly. I have no problem with mixing up street photography, portraits, journalism etc. with some quality nudes or even erotic stuff. If the picture is beautiful, I'll look at it, doesn't matter if it's a penis or a flower. If you take really high quality dicpics, please start a Patreon.