Having social media, music, videos, porn and all the other distracting garbage on the laptop was bad enough. Now it’s all in your pocket and you must carry your phone with you always and you can never be too far from it. You’re a sheep on a leash and you know it. You’re not proud of yourself, you don’t feel good about this but you keep surrendering and being weak.

As if this slave behavior wasn’t embarrassing and humiliating enough, now we let our phones listen to us and to collect our data and location for the big corporations to sell and use. Why do I pay for a phone if other people make money from my phone? Shouldn’t I make the money from selling my data? If the corporations live off my phone, shouldn’t they give it to me for free? Shouldn’t the data they take be the payment?

Why are no phones made in the West, why are they only made by using cheap labor or even slave labor in Asia? Someone’s making a lot of profit in this deal, while the peasants are busy arguing which phone is the best. It’s a scam and it’s hurting almost everyone except for the few people getting rich from it.