Nowadays you can't go anywhere without hearing the toxic noise pollution people call “music”. 100% of the cafes and restaurants I have been in would go up in quality immediately if they would turn off the music. I choose cafes mostly according to the music they play. I don’t want to listen to some sub-bar garbage while trying to enjoy my coffee. 

   I like to read in cafes, I like to have conversations, I like to write and do other work. For none of this do I need music. And to call the thing they play music is an insult to the real musicians. If someone desperately needs some “music” to go with their coffee, they can use headphones. This way they can choose their own music and no one else has to be contaminated by it. 

   We have made the world disgustingly loud and irritating. My nerves are tightened every time I leave the apartment. I might be overly sensitive, I feel physically ill when I hear disgustingly bad music, but If I feel it so strongly, chances are other people feel it to some degree too. 

   There’s no way this noise pollution is giving us anything good, and that it isn’t irritating us. I hear people saying things like “music is my life” and I hear in my head “my life sucks and I’m lonely and scared”. If you listen to music all the time you have some issues. 

   Music is a mind altering drug just like alcohol. A little bit of good quality stuff is good for you while too much of it will destroy your brain. I think just like smoking is prohibited in most areas to protect nonsmokers, music should be banned from public places which are not dedicated to music. Concert hall is a good place to enjoy music, cafes and restaurants should be free of it. I'm not forcing you to listen to the music I like, give me the same courtesy.