I can't go anywhere without hearing the toxic noise pollution people call “music”.

Every cafe and restaurant I have ever been in would go up in quality immediately, if they would turn off the fucking music.

I don’t want to listen to some disgusting sub-bar garbage while trying to enjoy my coffee, so 90% of all the cafes are a no for me. 

I go to cafes to have conversations, to write, and to work. For none of this do I need music.

If someone desperately needs some “music” to go with their coffee, they can use headphones. This way they can choose their own music and no one else has to be contaminated by it. 

We have made the world so loud and irritating that it's almost unbearable. It makes me misanthropic, my nerves are tightened every time I leave the apartment.

I feel physically ill when I hear bad music. There’s no way this noise pollution is giving us anything good.

I think music should be banned just like smoking is. In fact, it's much easier to tolerate some smoke than music.