We all live in the same physical reality, but we see different parts of it. Reality is a trillion piece puzzle and none of us can see the whole picture, we can only see limited parts of the picture at a time. Furthermore, every piece in this puzzle consists of million smaller pieces, which consist of millions of smaller pieces. Not only do we not see the big picture, we can't see the small picture either.

You and me can be looking at the same thing, and still never see the same thing. You see a side of things I cannot see - at least not before you tell me it's there. This is why I need you, and why we need each other. Even though we can never be truly one. This is also why I need to tell you what I see, even when I'm afraid of your reaction to my views. This is also why I have no time for cowards: tell me what you see, truly, or go away. We can disagree, even passionately, but without the conflict of opinions we will never see the picture clearly.

I can switch through realities: I'm reality fluid.

USA is the land of the free, the country with the highest individual rights. I love freedom and I love the American founding fathers for what they created.

USA is the most aggressive, violent and evil country on the planet for many decades now. America is the biggest bully throwing it's weight around and killing people all over the world without ever facing any legal consequences.

Five weeks ago, if given the chance to destroy one military from the planet I would have wiped out the American bullies. Now I want my country to join NATO just to fuck with the Russians for what they are doing in Ukraine.

Feminism is important, we need active people to drive social progress and to make sure there is equality between the sexes. If I had been born a woman, I wouldn't want to be bossed around by stupid men, whose only merit is their gender.

Feminism is a far left terrorist movement, whose aim is to destroy the Western Civilization. The movement is led by bitter and mentally ill, power hungry snakes whose only desire is to bully and manipulate everyone. I refuse to ever again feel quilt just because I was born as a white male: if anyone tries this manipulation tactic on me again I will certainly consider them to be my enemy.

Russia has through it's whole history been under attack from the West. Russia has to defend itself from the aggressive western powers. The West has always hated Russia and will never let the Russians to live in piece. Western people can never accept that a whole nation of people refuse to accept the Westerners to be their leaders and to tell them how to live their lives. NATO should have been dismantled when the Cold War ended, now it has become a American tool of aggression. Russia is needed to counterbalance the Western corruption of the mind and spirit, to uphold vital values the Westerners too easily forget. And by the way the Western women could take some hints from their Russian sisters about how to stay lean and beautiful. What is life without feminine beauty?

Putin sees democracy as a threat to his personal power so he needs to stop it from spreading: if all the other post soviet countries would become democratic and free, Putin's slaves might start to ask why they don't have similar freedom. The criminal gang ruling over Russia needs the human resources to work for them and to not ask too many questions. By the rule book of the tyrants: manipulate the language to distort reality. What we in the West see to be individual freedom is in Russia called "fascism". The fight against the freedom and democracy is fight against fascism.

Our leaders, no matter where we live, offer us their version of the reality: when they say they want to protect us, it means they want to control us. Common good most often means what benefits the elite the most. When we call others Nazis, we divert the gaze from our own problems. When we engage in the shitstorm on social media, we shout loud while not knowing what we're talking about. We offer views based on the part of reality we see and experience, without first establishing what specifically are we talking about. Feminism means trillion different things, we have to know what Feminism are we arguing about. Russia has a trillion different faces, when I say "Russia" my mind shows me a different image than what your mind shows to you when you hear someone saying the word "Russia". The image my mind shows me when I think about USA changes every day, and so does my opinion.