I finished writing and editing of "Anxbook". The book is now available in Amazon Kindle (paperback will be available soon, after I have a holiday). The book was just like all my projects: meant to be finished in two weeks as a tiny side project, was finished in two years after turning into huge main project and descending me into desperation.

I wrote the book for the young me, who was so painfully lost and confused and kept making the already severe anxiety much worse by bad decisions and very immature attitude. I had to spend almost two decades in burning anxiety before I got out of it -- the aim of the book is to speed up the readers recovery, hopefully by multiple years. The good news is, once I had the necessary realizations, my anxiety faded away very quickly, and I'm sure it can happen to other's as well.

I've added also some photography books, the pictures can be viewed on this site for free, but if you prefer the Kindle format, or just want to support a starving idiot, please check them out. Also, I wrote an long essay about how to get away from narcissists - this book is also based fully on my own experiences, and has the same goal: instead of wasting years of your life living under an evil narcissist, start the escape to freedom immediately.

If you enjoy street or travel photography: I recommend the "Chernihiv" book. It's a long series of pictures from a northern medium size town in Ukraine. The pictures were taken during 2017-18: while the war was still half invisible, although not to the locals who were already losing loved ones.

If artistic and emotional pictures are your thing, instead of neutral street photography: check out the "Time Window" series, or "The Search". The latter consists my oldest work, starting from 2010, and as the name hints, is a portrayal of my search for love and meaning.

If you like my work and feel curious about my methods and technique, contact me for online lessons. I can tailor a custom lesson for you, according to what you feel like needs improving in your skill set.