Since I was a child I knew I’m better than others

I know what is right and what is wrong

I feel it

Wrong is to act against me because I know what is right

I know where your dick should be and what thoughts you should have

Only the rectum of your wife is allowed

Because the married anal cavity is different, it’s clean

If your dick goes into a wrong hole, I will have you arrested

It’s my duty to control your genitalia

I fuck what I want to fuck, because I know how to do it right, the pure way

You’re too dumb to know

I only try to save your soul

I tell you what music to listen to, what books to read, what ideology to follow, what war to take part in, who to kill, who to arrest, who to burn at the stake, where to shoot your jizz, how to talk, how to think, how to behave

This is my burden

To be the one who everyone relies on

Did you masturbate today?

Show me your hands

Have you paid your taxes?

Show me what you have under your mattress

Don’t test my patience

The dogs work for me, the men with swords

They are easy to manipulate

The women are a bit difficult but they come around

Their naked flesh burning sets a grand example

There are rumors echoing around the town

Have you been naughty?

Have you had secret thoughts?

I have to see inside your mind, I need to control

Otherwise it will all fall apart

The world rests on my shoulders

Are you questioning my God given authority?

You want to sentence us all to hell?

That’s the worst crime there is, a crime against humanity

I am humanity

I am your only hope

Question me and die

Get on your knees and confess

I am morality, you only have to follow and obey me and everything can be right, honorable and just

You have urges I have forbidden

Your act has challenged my authority

Your deeds, unproven as they may be, are a direct attack againt all of humanity

The rumours are enough to paint the picture

Now everyone sees it

A man of our God fearing community, on his knees, sucking the Devils cock




Act against God

Unpure thoughts and acts, ready to be spread around the community like a plague

After I gave you everything, you betray my love

We can’t afford to have sinners in our midst

I know how to live, you don’t

Follow my rules or die

The tribe works for me, you were born under my sanction

You are no one to challenge my wisdom

The world is mine to rule, the strawberries are for me

Anything against me is wrong and must be purified

I am the law

Through me only can there be a right to exist

Crawl in front of me, prove to me you are maggots

I’m smarter than you, I see through you 

You always lie

You walk on your knees, afraid to stand tall

Someone has to do it, someone has to stand tall and be more than a lowly maggot

Thank God you have me

Dear ruler

Rumours have been spread about me

That I engaged in a forbidden sexual act

And now I am to be declared a criminal

You are tha Alpha monkey and this gives you the right to burn to death everyone disagreeing with your mad laws

You are a small man

There are rumours about you too, you know

About you in your priest gown

And the boys

But I guess this doesn’t matter, you are above us peasants

You are the law

You are the sin keeping us down

You are the damn on the river of progress

You are the one we have to kill

You are our sin

We built your throne and you sat on it

We didn’t slaughter you when we had the chance

And now we’re stuck with a primal ape wearing a golden hat

Giving orders

Being defensive and reactive like a child

And your accusation against me is I had fun

This makes me a criminal

And you, with a kill count of thousands are a saint, sent here to lead us

I gave pleasure to a fellow human

You create orphans with your devilish violence, commited in the name of God

You bask in blood and call yourself righteous

I spent a moment of joy and connection

I feel love

That’s why you ban me and everyone like me

Love is your enemy

You exist only in hatred

You are a demon

A false idol

We are fools

We are fools