No one has ever become happy by buying more stuff. We’re drowning in unnecessary, tasteless and stupid products no one needs. And to keep us buying this stuff we’re being drowned on the advertising of all these products. It’s all colorful plastics, bright blinking lights and illusions of something that doesn’t exist. We know it’s fake. How would we not be anxious when we know we live in a shit soup. 

   When you walk into a shop to buy shower gel, you’re greeted with a stupendous amount of plastic bottles and you can see how the branding and advertisement people have been busy coming up with the labels to these bottles. It feels stupid. Everything is over the top, we’re forced to live ironically. And living ironically makes you anxious. 

   Of course, you can find some cool hand crafted soap made of purely natural ingredients and all that. But then you start to wonder why couldn’t you have this product more easily available, why can’t we mass produce anything good and respectable? 

   You can be forgiven if you sometimes feel like living inside a monster machine spitting out smoke and fumes and making everyone sick. Luckily that’s only partially true, but it is an easy impression to get. 

   Personally speaking it has taken quite a long time to come to accept the way our current system is arranged. So many people are having so much trouble accepting this, and for many it takes so much pondering and reflecting, that certainly there’s something wrong in it to cause this delay. Otherwise people wouldn’t suffer so much trying to come to terms with the system they live in. We naturally despise excess greed, as well as climbing over other people and taking advantage of them. 

   I think we feel quite powerless in front of this system we have. Nobody even knows how it works anymore, it has become almost an artificial intelligence. We don’t know how to steer the system. You can stop buying the plastic nonsense and nothing will change, you’ll just be poor and miserable alone.

   On the other hand this is the best system, and I certainly enjoy spending more time doing things I love instead of trying to get by in a poor developing country. But no matter how much I love capitalism, I’ve always had the nagging feeling about the excess and unnecessary stuff. It feels disgusting to me. It also makes people seem like pigs when they just want more and more and don’t seem to ever stop to think about what they’re doing.