In Finland we have a saying “you talk about what you’re lacking”. It’s always told to men who talk about women. The SJW puppets are always crying about oppression, because they want it, they want to be oppressed because they know they’re not leaders. They want the government to be their oppressive daddy so they would never have to make their own decisions, to use their freedom. They hate freedom and they hate and fear people who love freedom and are free. They want everyone to be beaten down to the same level so there would be no competition, no winners because otherwise they would be losers. These people can be recognized for their lack of sense of humor. They have no spark, no desire to laugh and enjoy, to compete and grow. These people are failed models of Homo Sapiens. When they hear about someone's great adventure, they’ll come up with a new directive to ban adventures, when they hear someone laugh they will make laughter a crime. When they see a strong human they’ll make strength illegal. To them personal responsibility and freedom are an abomination. An authoritarian is a person who can only obey and force others to obey, de facto a puppet without a human spirit.