Why the Eastern Europe? Why the Post-Soviet Countries?

As I walked the streets in Vilnius, Lithuania for the first time, I felt like if I would be in charge of a city it would look and feel like this place.

Everything felt exotic and exciting: to walk on the unofficial path next to the street instead of the very official sidewalks in my home country. In middle of the city there was an old wooden village, where old men were sitting on the stairs in front of their houses, and at the same time I could see the glass high rises not more than a kilometer away.

I stayed in building built 1991, already in state of decay. It looked menacing, like something I would only see in movies or documentaries. I was interested of everything, of how someone had written "Metallika" to the waste pipe. My mind was intrigued.

Other aspect are the people: so beautiful, with strong spark in their eyes. These people impressed me.

My history-enthusiastic mind probably sees these countries almost like they're capsules of preserved time. Which they really are in some ways, while in some aspects they start to leave the Western countries behind in progress.