Dream of Skill

Starting from 2009 my biggest dream has been acquiring a real skill in photography. This dream is the only constant, and only real one. Sometimes I dream about money but it's mostly about having less stress and being better able to take pictures.

Now, the closer I am of having real skill in photography, the more I see how flawed and even broken my dream is. Having the skill is just the first step, after it comes marketing, networking and finding a way to monetize your skill. I have put 12 years into building a skill and while doing so completely ignoring the realities of life.

I'm not alone in this, the modern youth wants to be artists and "creatives", while few actually can. There's a whole economy of hacks and scammers on Youtube teaching kids to follow their dreams and to be creative. The most successful photographers now are marketing people who became photographers after seeing how trendy it is, and how low the quality standards are.

Low quality standards mean everyone has the same skill, and the amount of social media following determines the professional value of a photographer. Photography has become a life style, instead of taking pictures you must make videos of yourself taking pictures. To an old school idiot like me this is a travesty. I want to be like the old masters and work on the field alone and bring you the results, instead of being a talking head on Youtube.

Of course, world changes and failing to update one's dreams to match the current reality is a costly mistake. The only one really responsible is the dreamer.