I'm a capitalist because I hate when other people tell me what to do and how to live my life. Out of all the systems, Capitalism is the only one offering at least a tiny bit of individual freedom. Socialism is for disgusting fucking sheep who want to be herded by the lizards on the top. But, the endless fucking quest to make enough money makes me so angry and frustrated -- and depressed, which is the worst. I remind myself that in socialism I would work as a slave in a factory, and wouldn't had the chance to take my chances in the wild capitalist jungle full of opportunistic weasels pretending to be something they're not.

The other main reason to be a capitalist is democracy: which can only happen under Capitalism. The socialist can never allow democracy, because the citizens would just vote in the capitalist party and thus end socialism. Socialism can only exist when people are held as it's prisoners. But, also under Capitalism, I have felt like a slave my whole life (a runaway one), and when I look around, I see suffering. The lizards on the top have built a system in which the naive and weak are used as slaves to keep the money making machine going. This is the same in every human built system, and probably will never change.

It's heartbreaking to let go of the last hopes of "humanity", and surrender to the money making game just to survive in the jungle. Fuck everything, go for the money and think later.

I think on the instinctual level I'm a communist, I look at the excess and it disgusts and angers me to no end. When I see mansions decorated with gold, my instinct is a harsh punishment to the mansion lords. And yet, if I would manage to make enough money to buy even a tiny apartment, it would feel unfair if the other poor apes would want to punish me just because I have something they don't have. I do believe that a reasonable compromise could exist, if the lizards would go for it, but they never will. Instead of me buying a mansion, I would be happy to buy a small house and see others buy similar size houses as well. Housing, food and water, privacy, education, healthcare for everyone and then we can do our primal status competition some other way than by a wealth building competition.